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Haus is the first episode of the first season of Jaguar, and first episode of the series overall.


A woman who survived a concentration camp as a girl seeks murderous revenge on Nazis, but those who have been watching her have other plans.



A mysterious organization is closing in on its suspect at the start of the episode. These guys are advised to be watchful in the aftermath of their chase, with several photos and a brief timeline.

Their target is Isabel, a young woman who is plagued by ghosts from the past. We're in Madrid, Spain, in 1962, and her memories of the Holocaust are still as fresh and horrific as they were. The scar across her forehead verifies this, a stark memory of being struck with the butt of a pistol by Nazi officials when she was a child.

Isabel is blinded by vengeance, determined to track down those who are responsible for her family's – and her home's – demise. Her father's death has left a deep and terrible scar on her heart. She had to see him die at the hands of an officer named Otto Bachmann at the time. She has been working as a waitress for over a year, and she has been counting down the days until she can take vengeance on this man. She sees Otto is planned for dinner when she checks the restaurant reservation for the next day.

Our shadowy group learns of this and uses their intel and brains to figure out that Isabel is ready to murder him. She is charged with serving Otto's table that evening as they assemble their soldiers and prepare to stop her. Isabel has an opportunity to strike, and a bottle of poison she obtained from a lady at a bar the night before. Isabel does a good job of concealing her delight as the dinner is served. However, there is a problem. Isabel panics and rushes out of the restaurant, determined to perform Plan B, because the vial she's been handed appears to be a dud, and the Germans aren't doubling over in pain. And that strategy entails a cold-blooded assassination of Otto.

Castro appears just as she is about to shoot and he tries to take the gun from her grip. Isabel eventually skips the park and rushes home as a result. Castro, on the other hand, is not alone. Isabel is pursued by vehicles and bikes, all of whom are part of this gang hell-bent on apprehending her.

Isabel fires indiscriminately at the car, cutting her hand badly on the fence in her haste to get home. This is enough to cause her to be pursued back to her house, where she is ultimately apprehended and beaten. Lucena begs to know who she is while she is being interrogated and on the verge of losing a finger. Isabel maintains her composure even in this situation, which impresses him. As Lucena leads this group of Nazi hunters, everything looks to be a test. They've been following Isabel for weeks, and at a gallery, Lucena runs into his female contact, Ramos. Although he has concerns about using Isabel, Ramos feels she may be beneficial.

Lucena returns to Isabel shortly after, revealing that Bachmann is a member of Odessa, an American codename created in 1946 to describe a network of tunnels and networks connecting nations. The goal is to help former SS and Gestapo members avoid being arrested if their cover is revealed. Bachmann's survival is crucial for this team, as he might be the key to finding more of this network - and who is being kept concealed.

Lucena is also a Holocaust survivor, which explains his involvement in the situation. He aims to bring all Nazis to justice, but only after they have been publicly exposed. Aribert Heim will be their first objective before they reach Bachmann. Lucena decides to invite Isabel along for the journey and encourages her to arrive at Chamberi metro station at 9:00 a.m.

Isabel makes her decision and arrives on time. A faint grin crosses Lucena's lips as he passes over a gun to Isabel and swears that they'll make Heim pay for what he's done now that the team is together.




  • Tristán Ulloa as Riaza
  • Maria de Medeiros as Ramos
  • Lorenz Christian Köhler as Franz Ziereis
  • Alicia Chojnowski as Isabel (10)
  • José Navar as Maitre Haus
  • Millán de Benito as Javier
  • Diego Bergmann as Patrick
  • Rosi Rodríguez as Gitana
  • Sergi Méndez as Domingo
  • Alfonso Delgado as Prisionero Traductor
  • Lamin Ceesay as Greykey
  • Eugenio Gómez as Comensal
  • Markus Oberhauser as Comensal Alemán 1
  • Christian Stamm as Comensal Alemán 2
  • Thomas Sauerteig as Comensal Alemán 3
  • Stefan Woelk as Comensal Alemán 4
  • Helen Bertels as Mujer del Servicio
  • Carlos Gómez de Guzmán as SS Alemán 1
  • Alberto Gómez de Guzmán as SS Alemán 2
  • Claus Breitfeld as SS Alemán 3
  • David Simón Aznar as SS Alemán 4
  • Antonio Ladron de Guevara Peñalver as Pasajero 1
  • Alejandro Vázquez Aguado as Pasajero 2
  • Raquel Herrera Orea as Pasajero 3
  • José Asunción as Pasajero 4
  • Manuela López Sánchez as Prisionera 1
  • Patricia Comunión Hernando as Prisionera 2
  • María Victoria López Alonso as Prisionera 3
  • Ángel Fernández Deza as Prisionera 4
  • Víctor Callejas Gil as Camarero
  • Robert Lee Royal Farrar as Anciano Cliente
  • Marta Herrero Cagigal as Anciano Cliente
  • Eduardo Pineda as Doble Sordo



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